Our Story

Stay Toasty With Us! 

We are twin sisters, living on opposite sides of the world.  Oceans apart, TOASTY is a brand born from our combined obsession with adventure and taking on new challenges wherever we are.  Ultimately it’s a testament to Jody’s love of cold water swimming ( in the UK) and Emma’s love of staying warm and dry! (in Australia).

Whether it's sunrise swims in the middle of winter, shivering after a cold day of adventure, walking the dog on a cold winters morning or watching the kids play sport in the pouring rain. Staying warm and dry can be a challenge, even in Australia!

Our solution is TOASTY a cosy, functional, fleece lined water-proof and wind-proof jacket that is made from the highest quality recycled fabrics, designed to keep you warm and dry on outdoor adventures.

We have spent two years testing, trialing, searching and trialling again to find 100% recycled fabrics that meet our high standards, to bring you a jacket that is functional and so comfortable that you won’t want to take it off when your outdoor adventure is over.

Offering the ultimate jacket to get you through winter, we have more exciting product developments coming soon to keep you and your family warm and dry through every season!

Everyone is on a different journey. TOASTY is here to keep you warm and dry on yours. 

Enjoy x